Saturday, 26 January 2013

What else is on the workbench?

What else to do when you've had 145mm of rain, and just as much expected?  You blog.  That's what you do. :)

Another Scalescenes card kit.  Just put the light in today, and the roof on. Aussiefied again, with appropriate signage and tin roof.

I think it might go well, up the road from the pub.

The interiors of these kits do look good, even if I do say so myself.

I reckon it will scrub up alright.  All it needs now is a dirt road and a rusty old holden. :)


  1. Alan

    Scalescenes make up into some very nice buildings. I like your corner store, I downloaded it several months ago for a scene on my dad's layout but havern't got aroung to it as yet. I am going to put an awning around the corner store.
    The scene is on a road above a retaining wall with some half and full relief buildings and represents a Sydney/Newcastle suburban scene.
    If I ever get the 8 feet or so of half-relief to full size bulidings and the retaining wall/roadway done I might post a photo on my Bylong blog.
    I also like what you have done with the service station.
    Card kits require a slightly different set of skills but I think that I might enjoy it.

    Ray P

    1. Ray,

      Yep. They do come up quite nice. Sounds great what you intend to do. Be great to see the result. Couple of things I wished I'd known. Use a spray adhesive to stick the printed sheet to the card, but spray BOTH the print and the card. You can get bubbles if not stuck properly. Use one of them stick glues (UHU or Bostik things) for the rest.

      If you choose to reduce the print for HO (to 87% they suggest), the 1mm and 2mm card cannot be reduced in thickness of course. The tolerances/accuracy of the components is very high and a perfect fit for OO scale and 1mm & 2mm card. However reducing can cause some of the printed parts to be a bit narrows (wall end parts), and the wrap-around edges of other parts a bit short on the wrap-around to get a good stick-down.

      And if your fingers/thumbs are a bit arthritic (like mine) then be prepared to... well..... suffer a bit, when cutting it all out. Some parts are multi-layered (more than one layer of card) and can be quite thick to cut. i.e. the buttresses of the retaining wall (made that one too).

      As for the windows, see if you can get access to a laser printer and print that page on a "overhead foil", rather than an ink printer. The ink won't dry if using an overhead foil. I used a special clear "foil" for inkjet printers that is a bit rough on the side you print on, so the ink will dry/cure properly. You'll notice the windows of the pub and shops ain't that...well... clear.

      They do make a very good model, though. :)

      Seems like you're thinking of something like this, but Aussiefied?

      Good luck and look forward to seeing your work.