Saturday, 26 January 2013

What's on the workbench?

What's on the workbench?  Well, I'll tells ya. :)

Needed a pub and some shops, and discovered Scalescenes card kits. from here . Buy online and download as PDF files and print the kit out on your printer. Although they are UK based, I thought I'd try and aussiefy it a little and see what happens.  Mainly corrugated iron roof and own signage.

I used two of their kits.  Corner Shops and Terrace Houses.

They are very time consuming to build, however come up with a very sturdy and heavy model.

They are OO scale, however it is suggested you reduce the print size to 87% (if your printer supports it) to get HO scale.

The print out is glued to 1mm & 2mm card, then cut out and put together. You can put interiors in the upstairs rooms if you wish.  The "shop" interiors come with the kit itself.  I didn't bother with the furniture (separate kit) for upstairs.

The kits are relatively cheap.  The cost is in the ink for your printer and 20 - 30 pages of matte photo paper..

.... and the finished product.

All it needs now is a spot on the layout next to a laneway, a barbed wire fence and paddock, a couple of gum trees and a holden ute.  And I might get away with it. :)  Voila!  A country Victorian corner pub.

I sat the half built pub section on Garahbara and I might just get away with it. :)

Wadda ya reckon?


  1. These buildings are totally convincing,well thought out and the time spent has been well worth it.Peter

    1. Thanks for the comments Peter. Much appreciated. I reckon there was at least 100+ hours in that. That includes admiring and pondering time as well, as one does. :) I've also done Scalescenes' Engine Shed, and Garage as well. Will put some pics of them up next time. :)


  2. I too take great delight in kitbashing British structures into reasonable Aussie items, the addition of local signage, corrigated iron roofs and verandahs/awnings really can set things off, exterior illuminated signs on my pub are just scanned photos, printed and assembled around a LED.

    regards Glenn

    1. What more can I say, Glenn. I'm impressed. :) Know the area so well too.