VR AW/BW Passenger Carriages

Some of the VR AW/BW passenger carriages you will see at Garahbara.
I do acknowledge Rob O'Regan's website (click here) and photography for assistance in placement of decals etc such as this VR 28 BW
Rob O'Regan's pic
Not Rob O'Regan's pic
These are Steam Era Model kits, airbrushed, with Floquil Roof  Brown or Depot Buff (roofs), red,  Humbrol No 94?? grey (windows) and Floquil Grimy Black (underframes).
28 BW
28 BW

15 BW
13 AW

And finally kitbashed SEM AW kits into and AE.

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  1. Great stuff! I wish I could get up to anywhere of your standard - although my aims are much more moderate and I enjoy scenery more than great accuracy of rolling stock. To each his own... Anyway, mucho compliments! Regards, Walter.