Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Remember ?

Finally, after 2 1/2 years after shut shop, I finally get all my pics back through a download facility they've set up.  Try for those that may have pics up there and want them back.

Just a sample of some of the pics of Garahbara I had up there.  One day, when I get better at it, Garahbara might get featured and published somewhere. :)

.....and some more......

and these......

What about these?

Better put some trains in!!!

..... and some locos as well.

Enjoy. :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Tram Trundle on Collins

It has been a while.  This thing called work keeps getting in the way.  Anyway, been mucking with Trainz of another kind.

Fancy a trundle on a tram up Collins St?

It's an imported tram, but never the less.  I'll get a proper Melbourne one from somewhere.

Garahbara may be out in the garage, but Tram Trundle resides purely inside the pooter using Trainz 2012 train simulator.  Apologies for the resolution.  Bring on a decent bandwidth and capacity NBN I say!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Garahbara gets a Flour Mill

Garahbara now has a flour mill.  Well, I think it's a flour mill.  That will do for the time being until I decide.  Still needs a bit of roughing up with some signage, junk, crates, tins, boxes, weeds etc.  Oh.... and some bags of flour. :)

It is a Gaslight Models (out of Tasmania) card kit that is labeled "Boiler House".  But I'm no old boiler, so I reckon it can be a flour mill. Anyway, I could do with the dough!:)  It is OO scale, but seems to fit in OK

Hover over the pics and click for a better view.

The roof is a bit bodgey, bu it's the angle of the light, you see.  Yeah.... I know. we all say that!

What's that I hear you say?  You've got both those semi-trailers too?

Thought I'd better add some shade for the boss's fancy cars.

And a few more other pics of around town to go with it.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Today's Photographic Experiment

Thought I'd try and experiment with some photos using my telephoto lens on the camera.

The camera is a Canon EOS 1000D.  Set to aperture override, and set to max aperture to get the max depth of field possible.  The actual setting varies automatically depending on the focal length the zoom is set at, but will set itself at the highest possible for the applicable focal length of the zoom..  They are all time exposures (auto determined by the camera) between 4 and 10 seconds due to the high aperture setting.  ISO setting at 100.  The camera's JPG quality was set to "medium".  5.3M (2816 * 1880).

I reckon they come up pretty OK.  Well, good enough for a blog anyway.  One day I might be famous and good enough to have Garahbara featured in AMRM. :)

NSWGR Candy 42 Class 42217 is a modified Lima, original motor, TCS T3 decoder, fibre optic headlights and marker lights, replacement pilot & Kadees, and modified pickups.  The trailing HLX van is semi-permanently coupled with additional pickups wired to the first bogie.  I can unplug it if necessary.  This really solves the Lima pickup problems. :)  I can highly recommend TCS decoders for Lima motors.  The back EMF in them is tops.  I'll try and put a video up in my next blog of Lima motor performance with TCS decoders. 

If you hover your mouse over each pic, and click, you'll get a full size image of the pic.

NSWGR Candy 42 Class 42217
NSWGR Candy 42 Class 42217

NSWGR Candy 42 Class 42217

NSWGR Candy 42 Class 42217
NSWGR 45 Class 4512 is an AR Kits RTR with fibre optic lights and weathered lightly. The trailing NSWGR 48 class 4870 is an original Powerline ANR green 48 class that I hand/brush painted and weathered many years ago.  Thought it looked pretty good until I got an airbrush!  Both have NCE D13 SR decoder rubbish in them  (no back EMF) and DCC consisted together.  Bit of decoder tweaking and they run quite well together, considering the different motors, however low speed control is non-existent with those NCE decoders, so it's nothing til you get to about speed step 30 then WOOOSH.... off they go.  Same sorta thing coming to a stop. Forget anything below about speed step 30.  But they run happily round and round and round and round and....... round and round........ and then round and round some more.

NSWGR 45 CLass 4512 and NSWGR 48 Class 4870

NSWGR 45 CLass 4512 and NSWGR 48 Class 4870

NSWGR 45 CLass 4512 and NSWGR 48 Class 4870
 V/Line B Class B80 is also a modified Lima.  Original motor, TCS T3 decoder, fibre optic headlights and marker lights, replacement pilots and Kadees, Flushglaze windows and modified pickups.  Again, the trailing D van has the first bogie wired as additional pickups.  If you look closely, you can see the wired coupling between the two.  The "plugs" are Veroboard integrated circuit/processor strip plugs cut off as single plugs, and wired/soldered accordingly.  This allows me to unplug the trailing van if needed. This will probably be my next weathering task/experiment.

V/Line B Class B80

V/Line B Class B80
VR Blue & Gold B Class B60 is a stock standard Auscision B Class with appropriate Tsunami sound DCC decoder.  Moves off a bit quick at speed step 1 for my liking but not overwhelmingly.  No amount of tweaking seems to solve it.  Can get a bomby Lima motor to move off at a slower crawl at speed step 1 with TCS decoders.

VR B Class B60
VR B Class B60

VR B Class B60
 And last but not least, Garahbara's loco shed.  The shed and retaining wall are Scalescenes kits (downloaded and printed).  And yes.  My Auscision V/Line B class also has the side grills coming off.

Garahbara Loco Shed