Thursday, 21 February 2013

Garahbara gets a Flour Mill

Garahbara now has a flour mill.  Well, I think it's a flour mill.  That will do for the time being until I decide.  Still needs a bit of roughing up with some signage, junk, crates, tins, boxes, weeds etc.  Oh.... and some bags of flour. :)

It is a Gaslight Models (out of Tasmania) card kit that is labeled "Boiler House".  But I'm no old boiler, so I reckon it can be a flour mill. Anyway, I could do with the dough!:)  It is OO scale, but seems to fit in OK

Hover over the pics and click for a better view.

The roof is a bit bodgey, bu it's the angle of the light, you see.  Yeah.... I know. we all say that!

What's that I hear you say?  You've got both those semi-trailers too?

Thought I'd better add some shade for the boss's fancy cars.

And a few more other pics of around town to go with it.


  1. Hi

    I like your blog. Can you please advise me the website or contact details for Gaslight Models in Tassie.

    cheers Sean

    1. Sean,

      You can contact Gaslight Models at

      Glad you like the blog. Much appreciated.