Saturday, 26 January 2013

What else is on the workbench?

What else to do when you've had 145mm of rain, and just as much expected?  You blog.  That's what you do. :)

Another Scalescenes card kit.  Just put the light in today, and the roof on. Aussiefied again, with appropriate signage and tin roof.

I think it might go well, up the road from the pub.

The interiors of these kits do look good, even if I do say so myself.

I reckon it will scrub up alright.  All it needs now is a dirt road and a rusty old holden. :)

What's on the workbench?

What's on the workbench?  Well, I'll tells ya. :)

Needed a pub and some shops, and discovered Scalescenes card kits. from here . Buy online and download as PDF files and print the kit out on your printer. Although they are UK based, I thought I'd try and aussiefy it a little and see what happens.  Mainly corrugated iron roof and own signage.

I used two of their kits.  Corner Shops and Terrace Houses.

They are very time consuming to build, however come up with a very sturdy and heavy model.

They are OO scale, however it is suggested you reduce the print size to 87% (if your printer supports it) to get HO scale.

The print out is glued to 1mm & 2mm card, then cut out and put together. You can put interiors in the upstairs rooms if you wish.  The "shop" interiors come with the kit itself.  I didn't bother with the furniture (separate kit) for upstairs.

The kits are relatively cheap.  The cost is in the ink for your printer and 20 - 30 pages of matte photo paper..

.... and the finished product.

All it needs now is a spot on the layout next to a laneway, a barbed wire fence and paddock, a couple of gum trees and a holden ute.  And I might get away with it. :)  Voila!  A country Victorian corner pub.

I sat the half built pub section on Garahbara and I might just get away with it. :)

Wadda ya reckon?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

V/LINE Sleeper 285 SS

Now for some of the rolling stock that you will see at Garahbara.

V/Line sleeper 285 SS made it's way to Garahbara in 2010.  A modified Powerline carriage, as delivered livery, with interior fitted, (I'm pretty sure the blinds were green) modified underframe according (loosely) to Graham Brown's AMRM article (Feb 2003) and a touch of weathering.

Modified Powerline model
 V/Line SS 285 Sleeper

Powerline V/Line Sleeper SS 295 modified underframe

V/Line SS 285 Sleeper has since undergone a major refit, with new interior and...... passengers!

More to come...........

In The Beginning.....

It is written, that as of today, the world begins.  Let there be blogs.
In the beginning, so the good books says, there was a shed.  Many moons and about 8 years ago.

I was blinded by the TOOT, and the Lord saideth unto me, though shalt divide the shed in two.  And lo, it was done.

Then the Lord said "Let there be benchwork" and lo, after some sawing, hammering, drilling and screwing, there was benchwork.  I chose an "island" layout, rather than against the wall, so viewing from both sides and different angles was possible.

.... and Garahbara was born.

Garahbara means "meeting place" in the local Sydney Daruk Aboriginal language.  From Garahbara comes the word corroboree, meaning "meeting".

Garahbara is a little different today.

more to come.............