Saturday, 12 January 2013

In The Beginning.....

It is written, that as of today, the world begins.  Let there be blogs.
In the beginning, so the good books says, there was a shed.  Many moons and about 8 years ago.

I was blinded by the TOOT, and the Lord saideth unto me, though shalt divide the shed in two.  And lo, it was done.

Then the Lord said "Let there be benchwork" and lo, after some sawing, hammering, drilling and screwing, there was benchwork.  I chose an "island" layout, rather than against the wall, so viewing from both sides and different angles was possible.

.... and Garahbara was born.

Garahbara means "meeting place" in the local Sydney Daruk Aboriginal language.  From Garahbara comes the word corroboree, meaning "meeting".

Garahbara is a little different today.

more to come.............

1 comment:

  1. Good to see another Blog! I look forward to seeing the progress of your layout.

    The photoshop stuff looks great!

    Linton Towell