Wednesday, 22 April 2015


NEWS FLASH: 13th Nov 2014 - AAP Reuters

A massive hailstorm hit Garahbara this afternoon with hailstones the size of buses and cars. Our man is on the spot for this exclusive report.

Destruction rained down on Garahbara this afternoon, for more than 30 minutes on this busy rail hub and transport centre.  Garahbara's recently installed protective shielding of perspex skylights, designed to protect Garahbara in such an event, was no match for the forces and havoc that nature can deal out to us all.

"The destruction was extensive" said Mr L. P. Being.  "Many of my close friends and relatives did not survive. However I do believe most of my fellow Being families, and Garahbara, will rise once more, with the help and financial assistance of the Humbrol Foundation, the Superglue Institute, the Hobby Knife Academy and the Hoover Vacuum Corporation.

Mr Being provided us with this exclusive footage of the disaster.

Stay tuned for further updates on the disaster recovery effort.


  1. A little bit of black humour, Alan, in the light of recent events, but I admire your imagination. Let us hope the HVC does a good job in with the emergency cleanup.
    I greatly admire your modelling -nice job.

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