Saturday, 27 February 2016

No more driver confusion - Garahbara gets road signs

An excellent little project from Luke Towan's video series on road signs.  As posted on the Railpage Model Railway forum click here.

Never really though about cars, truck and bus drivers.  They need guidance too, I suppose.  So I followed Luke's idea and the drivers of Garahbara are no longer lost and aimless. :)

I used the catalogue referred to in the video,  zoomed in, "print screen", cut'npaste and cropped etc using Paintshop Pro, and created a MS Word document of correctly sized HO signs.  The posts are 1mm styrene rod painted with a silver paint pen.  The results came up OK.  There is quite a plethora of further signs to come.  Click on the pics below for a larger image.  Comments are welcome.

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